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Explore and express YOU 

explore every creative cell in your body, until you find the one.

CharlynneCreates is a platform by the dynamic duo Charlynne Bryan and Yvonne Murray, where creativity is explored in every sense of the word.   It is their belief that everyone is a creative soul, and therefore they seek to help others explore their own creative nature, whatever form that takes. Yvonne and Charlynne want to ensure that you believe in yourself and you trust your intuition to achieve your FULL potential. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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Charlynne Bryan

Poet,Author, Inspirational speaker

Charlynne Bryan is a Poet and inspirational speaker with the ability to infuse the stories of others into her craft and evoke emotions for all those who reads or hears her words. She believes that everyone has a story that needs to be told and she cannot wait to meet you in order to help you discover and live your story.

Frosted Gateau

Where you can have your cake and eat it too!

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Charlynne the baker and cake designer

In addition to inspiring people to believe in themselves and the power of their words, Charlynne bakes cakes that are delicious and then she decorates them in ways that are aesthetically pleasing. Cake design is another way that Charlynne expresses herself creatively. To see more and to order a cake, click the link below.

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Artwork by Evolve

Charlynne and Yvonne create artwork aimed at inspiring everyone who sees them. Their framed quotes, watercolour and acrylic artwork, as well as their poetry seek to enrich and uplift. Send us an email to enquire about a piece of art you'd like to purchase or you'd like us to make for you.

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