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An introduction

Welcome to this space we share. Here, we are family. Here, we look out for each other. Here, we straighten each other's crowns and ensure that all of us get to where we are going. There is no jealousy or bad feelings. There is just kindness and love and a deep deep gratitude that everyone's journey will bring them closer to where they need to be. Here we are supportive of the process, of the moments, of our will to live through it all and most importantly, we are supportive of each other.

Hi, we are Evolve. We have created this space

to help you understand the most important thing that you will ever hear: that you are enough just as you are. Did you hear that? YOU ARE ENOUGH! You may have thought in the past that you were too much or too little. You may have even been told this by someone import

ant in your life and it caused you to doubt yourself. We are glad you are here. We are so happy to meet you. We want you to know that you don't have to prove yourself to anyone... Not to us, not to anyone else. We see you. YOU. Just as you are... Beautiful, radiant, intelligent, fabulous, strong, vibrant, ENOUGH.

Here at Evolve, we will plant seeds of inspiration that will hopefully help you begin to believe in yourself. With the poetry, artwork, quotes, and inspirational talks that we share, we will remind you that it is ok to be human, that vulnerability is our biggest strength and that you have everything you need to make it already inside you.

Thank you for choosing to come on this journey with us. We are honored to have you here and look forward to sharing our passion with you.

- Love and light, Charlynne and Yvonne

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1 Comment

Pepper Mint12
Pepper Mint12
Sep 11, 2023

Looking forward to your art journey with Evolve. 😊

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