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Follow your first mind

This year, my word of the year is trust. I struggled with accepting it as my word at first because it is such a big word, a big action. Trusting means letting go of your past hurt and pain and leaning into the possibilities. It means listening to that little voice in your head or that feeling in your stomach and surrendering. And let's face it, our intuition seems to often know the way better than we do, but it can be scary jumping into the unknown, even when we can feel it.

We asked Yvonne to share what she thought and this is what she had to say:

" ‘Follow your first mind’ was something my dad always said to us children. It meant nothing back then as my dad had so many sayings that he would often enlighten us with.

I later realised this meant to follow your own gut instinct. You know those times when you are not sure about a particular action you want to take. You then take the action and what you thought was going to happen does and not in a good way, you then say to yourself, I knew it. Your pre-conceived negative outcome happens.

I believe your first reaction to doing something or not is your soul helping you to make the right decision for you.

I’ve put things off even though I knew I could do it. I told myself you can’t, you don’t, you won’t. If I’d followed my first mind, I would have been further along my creative path.

However, my dad also used to say ‘better later than never’ and here I am, doing what makes me happy - writing, rhyming and inspiring through my words

My message: Follow your gut instinct, trust your own thoughts, believe in yourself, believe you can." -YM

The truth is, trusting is hard, but not following your soul's calling because of not listening to and trusting your gut instinct, is even harder. Dare yourself today friends, to 'follow your first mind!'

Love and light

Charlynne and Yvonne

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